Sustainability starts with creating a quality garment. A garment that withstands time and trends, will last longer. Sustainability is also about sticking to style. BLACK by K&M creates timeless quality pieces. 

As for the process of production our first and foremost important thought regards the production quantity. A great deal of waste by the fashion industry is caused by overproduction. By limiting production quantities, we simply produce what we need to fulfill wholesale pre-orders and estimated consumer sales.

BLACK by K&M has signed up as participant in the collective approach to make the sector more sustainable by collecting used garments to be re-used or recycled.

For our deliveries we rely on the services of DPD. A delivery provider which precisely measures their carbon footprint per parcel, reducing it in any way they can, and offsetting the remaining emissions by funding clean energy projects around the world. The result is 100% carbon neutral parcel delivery across Europe.